Conferences & Workshops

As part of both my academic and professional work, I often speak at conferences and organize workshops, trainings, and hackathons. Below are videos of some of these events.

Presentation about the importance of serendipty in virtual events for the Stereopsia 2020 Conference in December.
A keynote highlighting VR platform developments that are making working and designing together in VR possible.
A presentation about the elements of physical events and meetings that are most worth digitizing in virtual equivalents.
XR in Education Webinar given as part of the Educathon’20 hackathon, August 2020
Presenting at the ISAF Exclusive 2019 Conference in Ankara, March 2019
Educathon19, weekend hackathon for educational AR projects, February 2019
Music Videos in VR: A Selection of Case Studies by Michael Barngrover for the Sonar+D 2018
Presenting to Unilever Turkey as part of the Logital Event in 2018.
Creating Placement in Virtual Spaces workshop for the AMPS conference, sponsored by Altınbaş University and held at the Studio X gallery on April 10 and 11, 2018.