Our Team

Michael Barngrover, Developer/Designer
Experienced VR developer with degrees in game design, psychology, and management. Frequently speaks on creative technologies at universities and conferences.

Lance G. Powell Jr., Social Experience Designer / Community Manager
Prolific blogger on socialization in virtual environments, lecturer on virtual world design, holder of degrees in Italian language and literature and in cognitive science. Researcher and author of foundational article on harassment in social VR.

Dila Altay, UI/UX Designer
Graduate of visual communication program with experience designing user interfaces for augmented and virtual reality applications.  Creator of collaborative design VR experience as graduation project.

Göktuğ Demir, Photogrammetry Expert
Experienced 3D artist with specialty in model optimization and photogrammetry.

Ali Arslan, Architectural Consultant
Architect with passion for integrating technology and architectural design.