XR Crowd: ZeroEvents

Since April 2020, I’ve been the organizer of #ZeroEvents, a series of multiuser virtual platform explorations initiated by Andrey Lunev and Alina Mikhaleva for the XR Crowd community. The series came about to help event organizers identify methods of converting physical events to virtual ones, such as Laval Virtual, in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. Collectively, #ZeroEvents has come to include platforms such as Engage, Altspace, VRChat, Rec Room, Learnbrite, VirBELA, Rainfall, Ozone Universe, Big Screen, Wave, MeetinVR, Glue, Neos, and Mozilla Hubs, with more to come.

After several months of events and more than a dozen virtual reality and virtual world platforms explored, the community of ZeroEvents evolved to facilitate discussion and knowledge sharing across a wide range of topics. A Discord server was established to better allow those focused discussions to develop and to be preserved for future reference.

#ZeroEvents has its own Youtube playlist for our recorded public events. Most start with discussions that are exclusive to the XR Crowd community before proceeding to platforms, but in some cases I have organized public events that anyone can join through Crowdcast.